In January 1977, Michael J. Cook (1920-1991) opened Velco Insurance as an Elder Care agency in Silver Spring, Maryland. In January 1982, Timothy F. Cook incorporated the agency, and moved the office to Randallstown, Maryland. In 1989, Diane L. Mahoney was brought on-board to create and establish the Brokerage Division. That same year, Elizabeth C. Braid also joined the agency. Since then, Velco Insurance Agency, Inc. has continued to diversify, and now offers products in all lines of life, health, automobile and homeowners insurance.

We are often asked how we got our name... the answer is sentimentality. Mike Cook named our agency after his wife, Velma Eichelberger Cook (1921-1988), i.e.,Vel's Company (Velco). And, no, it is not a requirement to be Irish to work in our agency, but it just so happens that everyone is!

Michael J. Cook, Founder